Latitud 0°

Latitud 0° refers to the equatorial line, which crosses Ecuador at latitude zero.

Latitud 0° works exclusively with Ecuadorian coffee farmers. Here we found very high quality Canephora coffee cherries and us, being Ecuadorians, want to promote and improve the Ecuadorian coffee industry.


Where is our Coffee from

We work with indigenous communities from the Amazon region. They produce one of the best Coffea Canephora, most commonly known as Robusta. Here the farmers are Kichwas (natives from this region) and are located in the northern area of the Ecuadorian rainforest at the Sumaco Biosphere Reserve (Geopark). We not only have a commercial relation with the community but we also invest in their training and ethic farming practices.

Forest conservation and sustainable production practices are a must in order to address climate change. Latitud 0° is committed to promote eco-friendly farming practices as well as inclusive working policies that also strengthen local livelihoods in Ecuador. We support agroforestry in the coffee production and the Chakra system practiced by Kichwa families of the region. In Ecuador, women have a strong participation in farming but are not included in the making of decisions or the finances of the business. We empower women to lead their business, participate actively in economic transactions boosting female independence and fair trade.

You may find more information on  “Sustainability and Equality”


Our Coffee

We want to give Canephora its place in the market; we want to show you that the Canephora varieties can have high quality taste and aroma.

Coffea Canephora or better known as Robusta, was until now undervalued. Robusta had to be cheap for instant coffee or espresso blends so quality was compromised. Many people think that Robusta is cheap because these coffee trees don’t require care. Indeed, Robusta trees are more resistant to pests or climate changes, nevertheless, coffee trees do need special care for them to provide high quality coffee beans. Additionally the standards for the harvest and post-harvest processes are the same as for the Arabica Coffee.


Who’s “Gio”

Hello, I’m Giomar Hidalgo but better known as “Gio”, a coffee lover and I want to tell you my story. 

I am from Ecuador, a country that is not  well known for its coffee, yet, but here I found the best Coffea Canephora varieties I have ever tried. I had the great opportunity to work in the German coffee world for many years. I began to work for my coffee mentor at a Piaggio Ape at the weekend market in Bremen. Then I worked for a few years in the oldest Roastery in Cologne. Currently I’m working directly with the people who make it possible to get the best coffee beans for your daily morning coffee cups.

I studied Environmental Engineering and completed a Master’s degree in Natural Resources Management and Sustainable Agriculture. These studies are the reason why I wanted to get back to the basics. I was missing having contact with the land! Therefore, I’m working and sharing with the Ecuadorian Canephora producers. Together we are improving their productivity and the quality of their coffee beans as well as helping them to reach the European market.


Sustainability & Equality


Chakra is an ancestral traditional agroforestry system practiced by the Kichwas in the Amazon Region of Ecuador. Chakra is a smallholder farm system that combines different crops and non-timber forest products. The idea of a Chakra is that the indigenous people can find everything that they need to subsist in their land/ Chakra.  It should have trees or palms to construct their houses, medicinal plants to heal them from illness, crops to secure their daily food and crash crops to sell and improve their incomes.


Agroforestry is a sustainable land use system, which combines crops and forest. This system has many advantages: protects the watershed from soil erosion, increases biodiversity, creates microclimates, captures CO2, mitigates climate change, etc. In addition to the production of timber,  trees provide important, high-value products such as fruits, oils, fibres, among others, which can be sustainably utilized or sold for medicinal, food, cosmetic and cultural purposes. In this way agroforestry allows coffee farmers to have an extra income as well.

Gender Equality

Women have an important role in the global coffee business. Up to 70% of the labour in coffee production is provided by women, but, depending on the region, just between 20% and 30% of coffee farms are female-operated. Women have lower access to resources, such as land, credit, information or further training, than men. This often results in a measurable gap in economic outcomes, including yields, productivity and farm income. We all have to get involved to reduce the gender gap, at Latitud 0°  we take it seriously. As a company, we provide training, skill sharing and project follow-ups to females in the community. We wish to empower females to become house leaders, successful producers and role models for the following generations.


Coffee Farmers

The coffee cherries are now growing and soon are going to be harvested. By October the coffee beans make it to Europe, by November they will be waiting to be roasted!

Our producers:

ASOCHAKRA- Kallary Muskuy Warmi Wankurishka (ASOCHAKRA Ancient dreams from organised women)

This association was founded in 2016 in Loreto, Orellana.It is made up by 668 families from 32 different Kichwas communities located in the Sumaco Geopark. Women are the ones who lead the Chakras in this association. Their mission is to practice sustainable agriculture, respect nature and protect biodiversity, supporting women and coming generations.

ASOPROAKURI – Waylla Kuri (Green Gold)

The Kichwas from ASOPROAKURI label their products as Waylla Kuri meaning green gold. This association has 250 members, 60% men and 40% women that work with the Chakra system, which is organised by women. They have policies to preserve the rainforest, to work the land sustainably and respectfully. This association is located in Rukullakta, Napo, the homeland of Jumandy, an Ecuadorian national hero.


Get in Touch

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, any questions or for a Canephora sample we will gladly come back to you. We can visit you at your roastery to tell you more about the company and our projects. We are always up for a nice talk and a cup of coffee!

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