Where is our Coffee from

We work with indigenous communities from the Amazon region. They produce one of the best Coffea Canephora, most commonly known as Robusta. Here the farmers are Kichwas (natives from this region) and are located in the northern area of the Ecuadorian rainforest at the Sumaco Biosphere Reserve (Geopark). We not only have a commercial relation with the community but we also invest in their training and ethic farming practices.

Forest conservation and sustainable production practices are a must in order to address climate change. Latitud 0° is committed to promote eco-friendly farming practices as well as inclusive working policies that also strengthen local livelihoods in Ecuador. We support agroforestry in the coffee production and the Chakra system practiced by Kichwa families of the region. In Ecuador, women have a strong participation in farming but are not included in the making of decisions or the finances of the business. We empower women to lead their business, participate actively in economic transactions boosting female independence and fair trade.

You may find more information on  “Sustainability and Gender Equality


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